Our Dogs are Family

Our dogs are our family and our house is their home.  It is extremely important to us that each of our dogs receive endless affection and daily socialization. Our dogs aren’t breeders. They are family members. Starting at birth, the most important aspect is that each of our dogs are loved and cared for. They live in our home and go everywhere we go. They play with the kids, go to cross-country meets, and even come to school daily to help me in my day job, as a teacher.

Since it’s not possible for our family to give more than a few dogs the attention they deserve, we also have a program called the Guardian Program. Across our little community in Northeast, IA we provide caring families with dogs of their own at no cost. The dogs are their’s forever–they just come to our house when they have puppies. It’s a really great way to make a lot of dogs and a lot of people happy.

Learn more about the Guardian Program here.


Royal Pedigree

Our dogs are bred from AKC registered bloodlines from all across America and Europe. We strive for healthy lines with good confirmation, of course, but we also are very selective about maintaining their calm disposition. Our goal is to pair you with a puppy that will fit well with your family and to also be a life-long companion.  We want you to have the same connection with your dog as we do ours.

Learn more about our individual adult dogs at the adult dog page.



Our Crew

My name is LeAnn and I raise English Golden Retrievers with my husband and 3 children. I’ve had Golden Retrievers for years. I first fell in love with English Golden Retrievers in 2000, but it wasn’t until 2009 when I finally found the right dog to start my own line of English Goldens. Since then, we’ve raised one to two litters of puppies each year and love the priceless contribution they make to our family.

We live on a small grain farm with some beef cattle in Iowa. I’m a teacher at the local school and my husband is a farmer. Our kids are a busy crew with sports, 4-H, and other activities. Our dogs are an integral part of our lives.  They come with us just about everywhere they’re allowed. We ensure our dogs and puppies have been well socialized to people of all ages.  They have been exposed to the different sights, sounds, and smells of a busy household.   Acclimating puppies at a young age helps them develop into a well-adjusted, confident, and well-mannered family companions.

Read more about everything we do to raise wonderful dogs in our Puppy FAQ.