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The Guardian Program

Every dog should have a family, no matter what. Many times breeders have too many dogs for each dog to be full-time members of the family, and sometimes that means they are simply thought of as breeding stock. I don’t think that’s fair to the dogs—they deserve better.

The Guardian Program is how we make sure all of our dogs have their own family. Here’s how it works: we find families in our community who are responsible and caring and would like a companion dog. After we’ve made sure it’s a good fit, one of our dogs goes to live with them.  We provide the dog and cover medical expenses, but the dog becomes a member of the gaurdian family, and only comes to our house when it’s time to have puppies. The dog is more their dog than ours in many ways. When it’s time to retire from motherhood, that dog will keep living with its family forever. Everyone involved loves the program, the dogs most of all.