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“I first contacted Leann from Hong Kong when I heard about a litter of golden retrievers puppies are up for sale. The litter was my Dog’s half brothers and sisters I immediately wanted to pick one of them up. I think Leann was very surprised to be contacted by someone from Hong Kong and was very willing to help given the lengthy process it would take for the Puppy (Zac) to be shipped out here. We were expecting Zac when he was 2 months old but due to Hong Kong’s rules and regulation, Zac was not able to come until he was 5 months over. Over the additional period, Leann was very nice and helpful as she took and made sure that Zac got all his necessary shots to be able to move over to Hong Kong. During the process, I also felt that Leann’s main goal was for her puppies to find the most suitable home. I am still in constant touch with Leann and she loves to find out about how Zac is doing in Hong Kong.”

“Zac is a wonderful addition to the family. Both Gus (my other dog) and Zac are Pearl’s Children and they have both came out to be wonderful loving dogs who are great with children. They love to be cuddled and are outgoing playful dogs who would get along well with everyone!” —Wei Hao Kiow


“We are very blessed to have met Leann and her dogs.  We wanted  a family pet that was great around children. We also wanted our puppy to come from a loving family, not a puppy mill.  We were so pleased to find Leann.  She takes care of the puppies as if they were her own children. They run in her open grassed backyard and play inside her home.  They are surrounded by love from her children.  Leann helped our puppy, Kiah, socialize with people right away before we even picked her up.  She took the puppies to school, to football games and other activities her children were apart of.  Leann helped us choose to perfect puppy for us.  Kiah is well mannered, smart, and loveable.  Since then, Kiah has been on our family trips to Chicago and Hayward, MN.  She loves to travel and be around people. I highly recommend Leann!  She takes great care of the puppies and treats her animals with upmost respect.  We could not have picked a better breeder or dog!” —Karen Turczak